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Clear Religious Indoctrinations That May Keep You Away From Your Intuition And Return Back To GOD In You

Free Webinar, Thursday September 10th, 8 PM CEST (Amsterdam time zone)

Clear Religious Indoctrinations That May Keep You Away From Your Intuition And Return Back To GOD In You

Replay available at this link:

We're Going To Show You...

What is the CULPRIT of Bipolarity and other Mental Dis-orders

How to CLEAR Religious Indoctrinations and Media Programming

How to ACTIVATE your Intuition with Sacred Geometry Quantum Healing

How to PREPARE for Returning to GOD in You

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Free Webinar in Dutch Language about Bipolar Disorder

Bipolaire Stoornis Oplossen Van Binnen Uit

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Who and What are the Indigos

If you would like to know more about HOW Indigos are different on DNA level, what type of DNA template you might have, how you can support your sensitivity with Sacred Geometry Quantum Healing Tools, than attend my Webinar this Friday 8 PM CEST, or watch the replay (only available if you are registered).

Replay of the webinar that aired on Friday July 10, 2015 8:00 PM CEST (Amsterdam, GMT+2) is available here:

What you will learn:
- WHY and HOW you are DIFFERENT when you are an Indigo, Starseed or Crystal, on DNA LEVEL
- What are the different TYPES of Indigos
- Why are they here on EARTH?
- What is your LIFE's PURPOSE as an Indigo?
- How to COPE with and EASE your sensitivities.

Love and Blessings,

Institute of New Psychology
John Manders
Founder and President

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Who are the Starseed and Indigo Races

Don't devolve your responsibility for your 12 Strand DNA Activation to other Starseeds.

Apply for DNA Activation on this page:

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Clear your Mind and Emotions and Regain PEACE of MIND with Quantum Healing.

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Depression and Feeling Down - a Spiritual Point of View

Conventional psychology is extremely limited when it comes to understanding the human psyche. That’s because the human being is multi-dimensional (15 dimensions) and this multi-dimensional nature has to be included to understand it. Conventional psychology ignores and even ridicules the multi-dimensional reality of life, which severely curtails its ability to understand the psyche.

Belsebuub states in this article that we are 7 dimensional beings, but we are in fact 15 dimensional.

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