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The Outsmart Bipolar Program©

Outsmart Bipolar Disorder from the Inside Out

8 Week Program to clear all energetic causes of Bipolar Disorder so you can live your life without medication, without psychiatrist, without the need for a stable routine or without regard to triggers.

The program is easy to use, each week has its own video that include activations and clearings of Sacred Geometry Codes of AH©, which are specifically for this program. They work at subconscious levels.

Nevertheless you are advised to consult your doctor if you want to reduce your medication. The Outsmart Bipolar Program does not replace any medical intervention, it is used to increase one's own self-healing and self-mastery powers.

This is for you if you had enough of the mind-programming of medical staff and co-patients who try to convince you that this condition is not curable, only managed by medication and avoiding triggers.

This is for you if you are ready to reclaim your Power.

Introductory Webinar Replay :

Introductory Webinar in Dutch Language:

J-Seal Removal Session

Removal of J-Seals, activating a Protection Code and a Code to be present

plus a clearing for post-hypnotic suggestions

  • During the J-Seal removal session, we also remove several other unnatural seals, including the Templar Seals, the Metatronic Seal, Zeta Seal and the Crown of Thornes. All existing Cell Death programs and the Tower of Babel Seals are removed as well.

Week 1 of the program

J-Seal Removal Session

Week 2

Aligning with Perfect Health

Aligning with Perfect Health

  • Aligning with Perfect Health and a Karmic Clearing
  • Activating Self Reliance and Self Responsibility
  • Clearing hidden system effects, how to be in the Alliance
  • Activating Self Love

  • Bonus: Healing for the Inner Child

Introducing Soul Vaccines

  • Clearing and Healing any form of Abuse
  • Retrieving missing Soul Facets and Fragments
  • Healing Golden Web Tears and Scars
  • Clearing Addictions

  • Bonus: the remembrance and re-activation of inner peace and love

Week 3

Soul Vaccines

Week 4

Mental Mastery

Mental Mastery Session

Activating the Power of Atomic Thought
  • Clearing the Brain Centers of Stuck Analogical Experiences
  • Detox the Subconscious Mind
  • A Re-patterning of the Subconscious Mind
  • Activating Access for the Transcendental Mind to the Unified Field

Bonus: Cutting Cords to Mental and Emotional Attachments

Emotional Mastery Session

Activating Emotional Balance and Freedom
  • Eradication of Emotional Legacies, Implants and Inherited Loyalties
  • Clearing Repressed Feelings and Emotions
  • Activation of Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Activation of Emotional Maturity
  • Awaken Persuasive Leadership Abilities

Bonus: Balancing your Pre-frontal Cortex to help you Master your Emotions without Suppressing them

Week 5

Emotional Mastery

Week 6

DNA Activation 1

DNA Activation, Session 1

DNA Masters Activation, Strands 1 - 4

DNA Activation, Session 2

DNA Masters Activation, Strands 5 - 6

Golden DNA Activation, Strands 1 - 2

Week 7

DNA Activation 2

Week 8

DNA Activation 3

DNA Activation, Session 3

Golden DNA Activation, Strands 3 - 6

Bonus: Activation of Protection and Non-entanglement Code