Institute of New Psychology

Transformation Through the Use of Quantum Healing and Energy Technologies that Heal the Human Spirit

Tibetan Lightwork

“Energy Practice is about using your own talents and learn to control your emotions and energy. Heal the body with your mind and you can use your own creativity and improve your power of intention. Whatever you visualize or fantasize, you can realize”. (Rheva LaRue)

Tibetan Lightwork is a series of channeled initiations and activations. The information was channeled, from a Tibetan Monk who lived around 1800, to Rheva LaRue. It has a very high cosmic frequency and connects with all worlds of light - energies, angels, gates, light dragons, ascended masters energy field and much more.

Tibetan Lightwork includes techniques and initiations to raise your vibration, your frequency, permanently, it will increase tremendously, and it grounds and also protects you.

It consists of, among other things:
* Basic technique, to open your so-called Light Cross, halos and light wings
* Integrate angelic energy and learn to work with them in different dimensions
* Working with different light Dragons at the various levels and dimensions
* Healing of physical and emotional pain with Light Dragons
* Travel to different dimensions
* Expand and purify your Soul energy
* Travel to the Pleiades and connect there with the vibration of the Soul
* Cleansing of lower energy in the physical body and its energy field with Light Dragons

Four weekly workshops are offered through skype or webinar and have to be done in numerical order: 1 first, then 2,3 and 4.

Workshop Week 1

You will learn to open so-called Light Cross, halos and wings in the highest dimensions. This connects you with the Light and your energy starts flowing.

Experience the grounding Earth Dragon that carries your energy on Earth.

Experience the presence of Archangel Michael and integrate him, you learn to work with his energy and presence and experience healing.

Workshop Week 2

You will learn to work with the Fire Dragon to burn negativity and pain from your system.

Opening the Soul, so you can live your highest path and purpose in this life.

Angel Healing; a technique for invoking a multitude of Angels to heal body, mind and Soul, for yourself or others.

Connecting with the Dophins and Whales.

Workshop Week 3

You will learn to work with the Green Dragon, this is the healing dragon.

Work with ArchAngel Raphael, the ArchAngel of Healing and healing of the heart.

Karma Clearing.

Working with Crystals. Connecting to the Crystalline Grid.

Workshop Week 4

You will learn to work with the White Dragon and the White Lotus to travel to and connect with the different higher dimensions.

Work with Lord Metatron.

Experience Timeline Healing and learn how to do this with clients.

Travel to Lemuria.