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Transformation Through the Use of Quantum Healing and Energy Technologies that Heal the Human Spirit

The DNA Activation Program

DNA Masters Activation, 12 Strands

DNA activation is the process of activating the fire letters of your DNA template so you can turn on more of your consciousness. The original human design started with a blueprint or DNA template that manifests the entire human form, physical, Soul level, Over Soul, and what is termed the Christos Avatar Self, your 12th dimensional self. You actually possess a 15th dimensional anatomy that also includes your Rishi Self in dimensions 13-15.

The only way that you can access these higher dimensional levels of yourself is through DNA activation. Spiritual evolution does not happen without DNA activation. There are specific protocols and Codes given to activate the DNA.

DNA activation can solve any perceived "problem" in your life and give you absolute freedom and mastery in line with your Soul's purpose. If you feel like you don't belong on this planet, are stuck, disconnected and alone, you can get out of this to start manifesting your ideal life, become completely sovereign and free, and start living in line with your mission.

Golden DNA Activation, 12 Strands

You have to clear all blockages (occupants, imprints, identities, wormholes) from the past in your energy field and download the highest Divine Operating System. And that is what the Golden DNA Activations do. They are like divine templates from Source that have been given this time to assist humanity in this ascension cycle.

Free DNA Masters Activation, Strands 1-4.

Free Golden DNA Activation, Strands 1-4.