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Transformation Through the Use of Quantum Healing and Energy Technologies that Heal the Human Spirit

The Codes of AH©

The Codes of AH © are created and copyrighted by Ivonne Alexander (Delaflor Teachings International). Each Code is encrypted with specific imagery, intentions, wording, numerology, prayers, specific desires, colors, chanting and meditation.

Then Ivonne offers this all to the Intelligent Space Field, which in return gives her a visual on how these words, colors, intentions, numerology, etc. manifest as a sacred geometrical pattern.

Once she receives this image, the process of the 3D creation begins with support of several computer programs. These programs help her encode all information, so it's not visible to the ordinary eye, yet it reaches the subconscious mind where all change truly takes place.

Use of the Codes

The Codes of AH © are simple in use, and carry the same gentle and self-healing vibrations as homeopathy and flower remedies. Thus the Codes can never be overused, or traumatic to the receiver.

Purpose of the Codes

The purpose of the Codes is to increase one´s potential, well-being and success in life by strengthening the healer within. The Codes of AH © are also a powerful and gentle support during the healing process of any physical or mental discomfort.

The Codes of AH©

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