Institute of New Psychology

Transformation Through the Use of Quantum Healing and Energy Technologies that Heal the Human Spirit

The Institute of New Psychology

Founded on May 23, 2015 to target Human Heart Psychology using Quantum Healing and Energy Technologies.

And to create a healing system for holistic health practitioners to use for themselves and for their practice.

The main focus of the Institute is healing the Human Spirit.

Founder and President

John Manders decided after a career in chemistry, computer management and accountancy to give his career another twist and became trained and certified in the Codes of AH© modalities by Toby and Ivonne Alexander.

He combines the Codes of AH© with White Dragon Healing. White Dragon Energy Healing is used to clear Archon implants and to heal the aspect where hidden draconian races invaded Earth from another dimension.

Codes of AH Certification

Attended 2014

Ascended Masters Teacher Academy

Attended from october 2014 to september 2015

Crystalline Lightwork

Attended 2015, also known as Tibetan Lightwork


Initiation 2015